Learn Comprehensive Defences Against all Types of Threats and Attacks

The Krav Maga Global curriculum includes defences against all types of weapon threats and attacks. These are integrated into the system so part of our regular classes at all levels. This is a contrast with traditional martial arts which tend either to only teach weapons as a bolt-on at higher levels, or systems that concentrate entirely on weapons and do not cover other aspects of self defence covered by Krav Maga Global.

If you are particularly interested in this topic we have weapons defences classes on our timetable as well as seminars and events, but we recommend these in addition to our regular classes to build fundamental skills. The weapons classes are particularly relevant for members such as front line law enforcement staff or service staff such as emergency services who have to deal with aggressive members of the public who are commonly armed with conventional or improvised weapons. However, its good for anybody to be prepared and members particularly enjoy this type of training.

Krav Maga Overhead Knife Defence

Krav Maga Knife & Blade Defences

These types of defences apply to any kind of "bladed" weapons or objects than can slash or stab such as regular knives but also including broken bottles, sharp tools, scissors, etc.

These are the most common type of weapons you may come across as they are the most commonly carried and can be easily concealed.

  • Defences are for both threats (attacker wants you to do something) and attacks (attacker is trying to hurt or kill you).

Eveylyn Pistol Threat (600x600) 30%

Krav Maga Gun Defences

There are around 300,000 registered gun owners in New Zealand and 1.5million firearms which is a surprising number for a population of only 5million.

These are predominantly hunting rifles, and fortunately gun use for violent purposes low by international standards in New Zealand. However, as Krav Maga is a comprehensive system you will learn defences against pistols, rifles and semi-automatic weapons.

Richard & Stu Bat defence (300x300) 8-bit

Krav Maga Stick Defences

Sticks includes any kind of long item that can we swung or thrust. This category includes sporting equipment such as bats, cue, clubs, rackets, etc and other common household items that have handles such as brooms, gardening equipment; and tools such as wheel irons, iron bars, etc.

O. Common Objects - Chair as a Shield

Krav Maga Defences with Common Objects

Learn also to use common objects to defend yourself against unarmed and armed attacks.

Common objects can be used to block attacks. We can also use these to strike an attacker but as this can have serious impact, it this must be controlled so our defences are proportionate to the threat in order to stay within the law.

Sticks and shields are particulary useful common objects for us to block attacks at range and counter attack safely.