Adapt Standard Krav Maga Defensive Techniques to Protect Others

Self defence is not just self defence. Many times you get in a sticky situation you will be with others so its also important to be able to protect your loved ones and friends.

Krav Maga solves a problem with most martial arts being that that they focus on 1 vs 1 fighting. Some consider multiple attackers but the problem of protecting others is not considered. The implicit assumption is that if you can protect yourself you can always intervene to protect someone else. However, this is not practiced and as soon as you try this in drills you will find it is much more difficult than you expect so tactics are required.

Fortunately Krav Maga Global techniques and tactics can be easy adapted for this... we don't have to learn a whole lot of new things. If you're interested in seeing a bit more i've made a quick example with 2 of our basic defences:

Protecting Other - Scenarios & Tactics

There are a number of different scenarios:

  • You may be the one who is attacked but you have others to protect;
  • You need to defend others who are attacked first.

If you are the first to be threatened or attacked then you need to protect yourself with standard Krav Maga techniques while shielding others from attack.

If your friend or loved one is attacked first then you must defend them without putting yourself in danger. This could be any kind of threat or attach armed or unarmed.

The defensive techniques to protect others are adapted from the basic techniques. Therefore as with everything in the Krav Maga Global system, this minimises the time to learn and remember them.

Other Considerations

If you are protecting someone else, the law of self defence still applies... our actions need to reasonable... in this case proportionate and reasonable to the danger to the 3rd party, and then once you are involved, to yourself.

As soon as the attacker is unwilling or unable to attack further then we need to back-off or we become the attacker(s) even if they started the situation.


Aaron & Eyal Jan 2020 (600x600)

Aaron with Eyal Yanilov, Head Global Instructor

Aaron Moore is the director for Krav Maga Global in New Zealand and the Head Instructor for Krav Maga Global in Auckland.

Aaron started learning Krav Maga in 2003 while living in the UK. In 2009 he received his Krav Maga Instructor diploma under Eyal Yanilov (the leading Krav Maga Master and protégé to Imi Lechtenfeld founder of Krav Maga) , and established a successful club in London which he headed until returning to NZ in 2015. He then established Krav Maga Global in New Zealand and

Prior to learning Krav Maga Aaron achieved a Black Belt in Karate. He also studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (ground fighting) for 5-years with Carlson Gracie in London.