Krav Maga Combat Self Defence

Fast Paced Krav Maga Courses & Classes to Master Self Defence & Get Combat Fit

Krav Maga is a modern and practical self defence system that will prepare you for real situations. It is renown for being relatively simple to learn but highly effective for both men and women as it does not rely on strength or size. Its also a great way to get fit building unique skills that will set you apart from others.

At Krav Maga Global we teach authentic Krav Maga passed down directly from Imi Lechtenfeld the founder of Krav Maga. Our passionate Krav Maga Instructor team specialise in transforming ordinary people to get fit, with proven international Krav Maga training programs and highly motivational classes.

Master Krav Maga Self Defence Techniques and Tactics

Learn the ultimate self defence & fighting system to stay safe, get fit and increase confidence



Gain Quick Self Defence Skills

Our popular 2hr Intro Courses offer the opportunity to learn some quick skills to stay safe, as well as gaining an overview of different areas of Krav Maga.

The Intro course can be taken as a stand-alone or as a preparation for regular classes.


Master Krav Maga

Our core program is our regular classes which will give you comprehensive self defence skills while increasing your fitness and self confidence.

Learn from our international curriculum and progress through our levels.

Classes are held at our dedicated Krav Maga gym in Birkenhead (10mins from the CBD)


Master Krav Maga

Our monthly intensive training is for people who want to master Krav Maga but cannot commit to our weekly classes.

These sessions are held once a month on a Saturday afternoon. You will develop the fundamental Krav Maga skills as well as to learn special topics.

Your training will be enhanced with online training between sessions.


New Zealand is a relatively safe place by international standards but aggression and violence are increasingly common. The consequences physically or verbal aggression can have devastating effects on self-esteem, confidence and ability to enjoy life independently.

Therefore developing self defence skills is a good investment to give you the chance to defend yourself if you need to. However, even if you never use Krav Maga is a great way to get fit with a new challenge or want to increase confidence.

Krav Maga is the Ultimate Self Defence System

Krav Maga is best martial art to stay safe & learn fast

Krav Maga is designed specifically for self defence. There are no traditional or competition aspects, it just has techniques and tactics that are practical and effective in every day situations.

Classes are fast paced and do not have traditional elements of eastern martial arts. You don't need to spend years to get good... you'll quickly improve and master our techniques.

Krav Maga is a great way for women to gain self defence skills as the techniques do not rely on strength or size, instead focusing counter-attacks to vulnerable points on the attacker.

Get Fighting Fit with Krav Maga

Challenge yourself with an all-over body work-out

Krav Maga Global classes are dynamic and fast paced and will challenge your body and mind. Aspects of our training are similar boxing or kickboxing with striking drills on pads. You will get the cardio and toning benefits but also be learning practical skills at the same time. Moreover everything we do is in 3-dimensions, not just 1 on 1 so much more dynamic and challenging for your mind.

Learn from an International Krav Maga Training Program

Challenge yourself to progress through the levels

You will learn from an international curriculum taught in over 60-countries, that has been refined and proven over many decades.

Our unique training drills will turn the knowledge into practical skills that become ingrained and reflexive.

We know these methods work because 1000's of people from all walks of life have succeeded before you.

Get Started with Krav Maga in 2021

Benefit From Our Tried & Tested Approach

Knowledge + Skills + Experience

Our mission is to give you exceptional skills to defend yourself, to get in the shape of your life and to increase your confidence and welbeing.

With years of proven experience and the knowledge of an international Krav Maga organisation behind us, you will benefit from tried, tested and proven teaching methods. All your Auckland Krav Maga Instructors are internationally trained in the in the most extensive Krav Maga instructor training program to ensure the highest levels of instruction.

We will first build your base techniques, fitness and confidence. It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or you are currently unfit, you can start with Krav Maga Global now.

Once the foundations are in place you will quickly progress to build advanced skills and confidence to competently defend yourself if you need to. While building self defence skills you will also reap the other benefits of our training. We have classes at different levels so as you progress you can move on to even more challenging classes.