​Ultimate Self Defence

​Krav Maga is a modern ​combat based self defence system.  It is practical and effective for adults and children.  

While relatively new in New Zealand, it is extremely popular worldwide with people of all walks of life, both women and men.

You never know when you might need self defence in Auckland​​ so it makes sence to learn.  ​

​However, regardless of whether you need to defend yourself, ​you will enjoy the training as ​classes are fast, dynamic and fun.

​Learn Self Defence Fast

​Krav Maga has been specifically designed for​ self defence. There's no traditional stuff, only what you need to keep ​safe.

It's not just a collection of techniques, but a comprehensive and integrated system laid out in a comprehensive syllabus.

Krav Maga is practical and works regardless of strength or size therefore particular relevant for self defence for women and for kids.

The self defence techniques are quick to learn and to remember as they are based on natural body movements. 

​Why Krav Maga Global?

Krav Maga Global is an international organisation. We teach courses and classes from a well organised curriculum of effective self defence techniques  taught in over 60-countries.

The benefits of Krav Maga training extend well beyond the practical skills you will develop.

Our ​emphasis is on ​taking ordinary people and quickly building exceptional skills to stay safe, get fit and increase confidence.  

​If you want to learn self defence in Auckland we have 3 locations to choose from.

​Why learn Krav Maga in Auckland?

You never know when you might need to protect yourself or your loved ones so it makes sense to be prepared.  However the great news is that while you're learning essential self defence skills you will also be getting fitter, having a lot of fun mastering a new challenge.

Auckland Krav Maga Locations

Regular Self Defence Classes in Auckland

If you want to learn self defence in Auckland we currently have academies in 3 Auckland locations ​with regular classes.  We also have more locations coming soon.  Click to find out about the location and timetable near you.  

If we are not currently in your area, join our mailing list and/or facebook to keep up-to-date with club launches and other training event.  

​Krav Maga for Self Defence

Krav Maga gives you proven techniques and skills to keep you safe in real situations should you need it.  

Comprehensive solutions for threats and attacks that may occur any time or place, single or multiple attackers, unarmed or armed.

Krav Maga ​for Fitness

Quickly improve your fitness with dynamic and fun classes that will engage and motivate you.  

Classes include high intensity exercises similar to Boxing or Thai Boxing along with unique Krav Maga training drills with partners. 

​Krav Maga for a Challenge

You'll learn from a tried and tested  curriculum taught in all Krav Maga Global clubs in over 60-countries.  

With regular training you will quickly acquire the knowledge, skills and conditioning to make steady progress through the curriculum levels.

How to Start Krav Maga

You can quickly learn essential skills on one of our courses, or take regular classes based on our tried and tested international syllabus.

Auckland Krav Maga Intro Course

Self Defence for Adults & Teenagers

2hr intro course designed specifically for beginners.  You will learn the basics of Krav Maga in  a friendly, relaxed class.

This course can be taken stand-alone or as preparation for joining the regular classes.  

Krav Maga Kids Classes

Self Defence for Kids

Regular classes for young kids (5 to 12 years old ) based on our specialised Krav Maga Kids syllabus.

Kids love these classes because they are fast and engaging and they have a lot of fun. 

Member Reviews of Krav Maga Global...


I was looking for a highly effective martial art to attend with my daughter.  We were hooked immediately. Krav Maga is definetely the best martial art for self defence. Our fitness and confidence has improved greatly, and we enjoy attending multiple classes per week. Love it, highly recommended.​




Awesome practical self defence and fitness classes.  I started with two seminars and then regular classes.  Have been really impressed with all the instructors professionalism, techniques are easy to learn.  Tried a few places and KMG is by far the best place to learn Krav Maga, get fit and have fun.




Awesome people, highly motivated and professional instructor team.  Good mix of women and men in the classes. I started with KMG overseas and find the level in New Zealand just as good.  Give it a try, I can highly recommend it.



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