Fast paced training to develop exceptional self defence skills while getting fighting fit .

Learn the ultimate self defence system to stay safe, get fit and increase confidence.  Krav Maga is a great challenge that will develop you mentally and physically. However, you can learn the basics quickly to develop a good level of ability in the defensive techniques.  

What is Krav Maga?

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Krav Maga is a self defence system from Israel that is designed specifically to protect you in real situations.

It is related to the combat system used in the Israeli defence forces but designed for ordinary people and enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Our classes are fast paced and will challenge you both physically and mentally. You will work with like-minded people to quickly develop practical skills and will get fitter and increase confidence.

Practical Self Defence

Krav Maga has been specifically designed for self defence. There’s no traditional stuff, only what you need to keep safe.

Krav Maga is practical and works regardless of strength or size so it is equally relevant for women as for men.

  • Tried tested and proven to work
  • Quick to learn and remember
  • Does not depend on strength or size

#1 for Krav Maga

Krav Maga Global is an international organisation with clubs in over 60-countries and headed by Eyal Yanilov direct student of the fouder of Krav Maga.

You will learn from our tried and tested international syllabus taught to 100,000s of people around the world.

  • Leading Krav Maga organisation
  • International syllabus taught in over 60-countries
  • Direct lineage to Krav Maga founder

When Will You Need Krav Maga Self Defence?

Krav Maga Global training prepares you for any situation where you may face aggression or violence.  We teach based on the principles and philosophy of Imi Lechtenfeld the founder of Krav Maga… prepare yourself for anything but avoid “fighting” where possible.  We will teach you…  

  • How to identify and avoid trouble
  • How to deescalate trouble without violence where possible
  • How to defend yourself if you need to within the law and/or the rules of the work situation 

Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art.  We don’t have gis, kata, etiquette, etc, just fast paced classes focuses on essential self defence skills & tactics you can apply straight way if you need to.

Krav Maga For Personal Protection

We might think New Zealand is a safe place to live but aggression and violence is not uncommon (and we love to travel to exotic places also).  It only takes one serious event to detrimentally change your life so having robust self defence skills is like having an insurance policy.  

  Here are some examples of the situations where Krav Maga will give you skills and confidence… 

  •  You are in a public place and a person is yelling or acting aggressively towards you or your friend
  •  Someone is watching or you following you
  • You hear a noise at night outside your house
  • Somebody strikes or grabs you unexpectedly
  • You are traveling overseas and you find yourself isolated in unfamiliar place

Moreover, our training will give you a “presence” that says “don’t mess with me” so you are less likely to be a target, and if you are you will be more confidant and likely to be able to deescalate the situation.  

Krav Maga to Protect Yourself at Work

Nobody that serves the public should be subject to violence.  However, sadly many people in their workplace are subject to verbal aggression which can escalate to physical aggression.  This creates stress in addition to the physical danger.  This not only affects you at work but at home.   

Unfortunately most workplace training is limited and often is designed to protect the organisation or the attacker as much as it is to protect you.  We have many members from such professions as:

  • Doctors, Nurses, 
  • Social Work, Teachers
  • Police, Fire, Ambulance
  • Security, Corrections
  • Transportation: Air Crew, Train, Bus, Taxi 

Krav Maga is a defensive art therefore our training is complimentary to any workplace training you will receive, but will protect you directly.          

Krav Maga Auckland Training Options

"I want a quick course to get some practical self defence skills"

2hr Krav Maga Introductory Course

Get started with a course covering the basics of Krav Maga self defence. Learn skills you can use straight away should you need them.

"I want a challenge to get fit fast and learn useful self defence skills"

Krav Maga Fundamentals Bootcamp

4 fast-paced classes over 4-weeks to learn the fundamentals of Krav Maga and get all over body conditioning.

"I want to master Krav Maga and be ready for anything"

Krav Maga
Regular Class

Master Krav Maga with regular classes for Adults and Teenager. Start straight away with a trial of one of our regular classes.

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