Krav Maga Takedown & Ground Fighting Defences

Highly effective techniques to avoid going to ground or to quickly gain advantage and get back to your feet

Ground Fighting Techniques in Krav Maga

The Krav Maga Global curriculum includes comprehensive techniques to:

  • Prevent the attacker to grab / hold / tackle / wrestle or throw you;
  • To breakfall or roll safely if you are pushed or taken to the ground;
  • Defences against standing attackers should you be on the ground and they are standing;
  • Defences against attacks on the ground including all sorts of chokes, headlocks and strikes;
  • Techniques to quickly and safely get back to your feet

Tactical Considerations in Krav Maga Ground Defences

Tactically fighting on the ground is not a desirable situation. Unlike in a sport situation such as BJJ, the ground is likely to be hard and may even be covered in dangerous objects such as glass. If the attacker is larger and heavier they are at an advantage, and even if we can beat a grounded attacker, there maybe more attackers who can kick or strike us which is very hard to defend.

Therefore, we prefer not to be on the ground but if we do we aim to get to our feet as quickly as possible. One advantage we have over someone trained in a submission sport such as BJJ is that we can attack vulnerable points on the attacker such as the eyes or groin. This is quick and effective to make the space to get up.

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