Krav Maga Member Information

Membership Options

6-Month Minimum

$100 / mth

~$25 / week
Unlimited classes
Train any location
3-Month Minimum

$120 / mth

~$30/ week
Unlimited classes
Train any location
1-Month Minimum

$140 / mth

~$35 / week
Unlimited classes
Train any Location
Membership - General Terms & Conditions

Minimum Term (Initial Period) 

New members commit to paying fees a "Minimum Term" e.g., you will pay fees each month for the minimum term. Non-attendance of classes or a change of circumstances does not relieve members of the obligation to pay the fees in full for the Minimum Term.  

In "exceptional circumstances" you may apply for one "hold" of 1-month on your membership during the Minimum Term.  However, this will extend the Minimum Term by 1-month: 

Exceptional circumstances are limited such events as:

  • Injury or sickness preventing training,
  • Family bereavement.   

Your Monthly Membership Payment will resume after the 1-month hold  

Other personal commitments such as work, study or holidays do qualify for a Membership Hold.  

Continuing Period (after the Minimum Period is completed)

After the Minimum Term you will continue to pay the Monthly Membership fee unless you provide in writing a request for cancellation of my membership at least 5-day prior to the deduction of your next Monthly Membership fee (to

There are no refunds if I do not come to training and or you not provided notice of cancellation (or are in the initial period).

Club Holidays

The Membership Fee is based on 48 weeks, so builds in a break for Christmas and public holidays so there is no pause of membership or adjustment over holiday periods.

Training Gear & Club Shop

Essential & Recommended Training Gear

Members require the following gear as a minimum to gt the most out of training and stay safe...

  • Club tee-shirt
  • Groin protection
  • Boxing gloves
  • Shin pads

Other recommended items

  • MMA gloves or wraps
  • Mouth protection
  • Wrestling Boots

How to Buy From Krav Shop

Krav Shop is our official club shop with discounted training gear for members.

The stock is located at the Birkenhead Gym so you can view items and purchase to pick-up onsite when you come to Birkenhead class.

If you train at Auckland Central, please order online (before Thursday evening) and I will bring your order to the AucklandSee Reviews Central location on Sat or Mon for you to pick-up.

Safe Training & Club Rules

Our Mission


Rules in Class
Rules in Class
Zero Tolerance for Harassment, Bullying or any Other Inappropriate Behavior