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Gradings - Dec-20

Krav Maga Global - Birkenhead

P1 Grading: Thu 3rd Dec 6-8pm

P2 / P3 Grading: Thu 10th Dec 6-9pm

P4 Grading: Thu 17th Dec 6-8pm

P5-G1 Grading: Sat 19th Dec 9-12am

Diploma & Patches (600x600) 30%


  • Make sure you come to the all relevant parts: e.g. If you are grading for P2 you need to come to both P1 & P2 grading sessions... or for P3 to P1, P2 & P3 grading sessions

  • We will cover / practice the techniques in the preceding Mon/Tues Birkenhead sessions,

  • You can only grade to increase by 1 level, e.g., if you are currently ungraded (P0) you cannot grade for P2, only P1

  • When you pass your grade you will receive:

--> KMG diploma

--> KMG patch

  • You must pre-book your grading (There is a cost of $100 for gradings which both supports our club and KMG HQ

  • You must have safety gear - at a minimum: Groin protection and Shin Pads
May-18 P2 Members and Dilplomas