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Body conditioning and general fitness are a key benefit of Krav Maga training. Classes involve high intensity drills and exercises that quickly increase your strength and endurance.

Krav Maga Body Conditioning

The second pillar of Krav Maga is body conditioning.

​A physical confrontation is fast and explosive.  We need to be able to quickly delivery strong counter strikes and escape the area.  This requires anaerobic fitness - this is like a sprinter... the energy is already stored in the muscles ​depletes fast (10-20s).

However, a typical Krav Maga class lasts over an hour so we also need endurance... cardio-vascular fitness.  ​Naturally a class has peaks and troughs of activity over its duration so you will be hitting and enhancing the different energy systems:

  • Warm-up... get the heart-rate up, strengthen the muscles and prepare the body;
  • Pa​d drills... ​steadily working on exercises like strike pads to ​develop strength, endurance and cardio capacity;
  • Group drills...  high intensity scenarios and simulations of realistic self defence situations   


​Aaron Moore is the ​New Zealand Director for Krav Maga Global and Head Instructor for Krav Maga Global - Auckland.  ​

He was awarded his Instructor Diploma ​by Master Eyal Yanilov and has 10-years experience teaching Krav Maga in UK & NZ