Best Fighting Style

What is a Fight?

If we want to determine the best fighting style then we first need to define what is the situation in which the “fight” will take place. 

If we are talking about a rules based sporting event then obviously you need to train in that event.  In general a sporting event has clearly defined rules (what you are and aren’t allowed to do for safety reasons) and the competitors will have similar characteristics (weight, sex, training levels).

However, if we are talking about a street fight for example then we are not talking about a rules-based fight and the characteristics above won’t normally apply.  Moreover, in street fights other factors can be present, e.g.,

  • Surprise attacks
  • Multiple attackers
  • Armed attackers (actual or improvised weapons)
  • You may need to protect others

Therefore if you want to learn a fighting system that prepares you for reality then it must include defences again all of these factors

Reality Fighting Systems

There are many fighting systems that claim to be good for “self defence” but in practice they specialise in specific elements.

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