Krav Maga for Kids

Krav Maga for Kids & Teens

​Avoid Bullying and Increase Confidence

Krav Maga is very appropriate for kids of all ages providing techniques and tactics for kids to protect themselves from bullying and violence both within the school setting and in society. 

It is also excellent for building self confidence, discipline and fitness.

While similar to martial arts and combat sports, Krav Maga is the most practical and effective for self defence as this is its primarily aim.  Martial Arts tend to focus on competitions between two evenly matched competitors and have tightly defined "sporting" rules. 

However, we all know that if your kid is being bullied by a larger child, group of children or attacked by an adult then it is not a fair fight so we need techniques and tactics to maximise their chances of avoiding serious injury (and psychological impact) or even to avoid or deescalate trouble before it becomes serious..

We must not just equip kids with techniques, but teach ensure they know how to use them appropriately.  We incorporate scenario  training so kids get to practice actual situations that may occur so they understand the context.  These scenarios emphasise that Krav Maga must be used for defence and the self defence reaction must be appropriate to the threat to avoid becoming the aggressor.

Krav Maga Global operates in over 60-countries and our collective experience had led to a program that fully engages kids while quickly developing practical and effective self defence skills.  For example we incorporate many dynamic drills, games and competitions.  Kids will also work in pairs and groups which is important for building their social skills and friendships.   

Key Benefits

  • Stay safe with practical self defence to protect kids from violence and bullying
  • Have fun with dynamic & engaging drills, games and exercises 
  • Be responsible - emphasis on appropriate use of self defence techniques
  • Improve fitness, strength and coordination 
  • Increase self confidence

Kids Timetable

Kids classes run at our Birkenhead Academy during term time.  Kids are split into age groups but the groups run at the same time: 6-8, 9-12 years old.

  •  Tues 4:15 -5:00pm
  • $150 per term (discounts for siblings)

Teens Timetable

Teenagers can join our evening classes as these contain both Adults and Teenagers.  Each of our locations has 2-classes per week.  Please see the respective page to book.

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