​Krav Maga training is an exciting new way to stay safe and get fit. ​
You will quickly ​master expert​ skills to protect yourself in any situation.

Krav Maga
Your new challenge!

​Krav Maga training is an exciting new way to get fit, have fun and quickly develop the skills to protect yourself in any situation.

Learn Krav Maga in Auckland

Welcome to Krav Maga Auckland.  The largest ​Krav Maga school in New Zealand.  ​Learn authentic Krav Maga self defence and combat fitness.  We have classes for Adults, Teenagers and Kids.  ​Passionate Krav ​Maga Instructors who are internationally trained and focused on your development.  

Prepared for Anything!


If you are looking for something new and exciting then Krav Maga classes are fun, dynamic and fast.  You'll learn the ultimate personal combat system to prepare yourself for what ever life throws at you.  

Krav Maga is designed so anybody can quickly learn practical and effective skills to say safe while getting fitter.  ​It is very popular internationally with people from all walks of life.  ​You might not know much about Krav Maga but you are sure to have seen it in action ​as i​t used in the choreography in many Hollywood action movies and many celebrities learn Krav Maga for personal safety and/or fitness.  

Our level 1 program is from ​a tried and tested international syllabus taught in over 60 countries,  It has 47 techniques that cover all the essential things you need to know to prepare yourself for the most common types of situations. ​Its not easy but anybody can learn the skills with regular classes.

We also have short courses, and seminars.  Our intro course is a perfect way to get started.

Learn Krav Maga Techniques

Krav Maga Training Options

​Adults & Teenager Krav Maga Classes​

Regular Krav Maga classes for Adults, Teenagers ​at all of our Auckland Academy Locations.  

These are for you if you want to progress through the system, or you just enjoy the training and the conditioning benefits. 

Kids Krav Maga Classes

​Regular classes ​ based on our specialised Krav Maga Kids syllabus.  

Kids love these c​lasses because they are a ​lot of fun.  ​As a parent you'll have the peace of mind your kids are learning the skills to
look after themselves both in a school setting or in general society.  

​Seminars & Events

​Members and non-members can join our special events and seminars.   These include:

+ 6-week block courses for women.

+ ​1-days seminars in specialist topics, led by local or international instructors.

Krav Maga Training Benefits

​Body & Mind Conditioning


​There are great reasons to do Krav Maga training, even​ if never have to use it ​to protect yourself. ​ ​

Our high octane training is for all types people to improve all over body conditioning, mental well being and self confidence, benefiting in all aspects of your life.   


Krav Maga classes ​incorporate​ drills and techniques you might see in sports such as boxing or kick boxing.  These will get you fit and challenge you, however, ​it contains many more techniques, ​tactics and training methods unique to Krav Maga.    

Learn Krav Maga Fast


Our unique training methods ensure you'll learn quickly.  In fact we don't believe any other self defence or system is as fast to learn!

You don't have to worry about all the traditional stuff from martial arts.  We just give you the good stuff straight-up.  

Krav Maga was refined in the Israli Defence forces where they teach women and men from all backgrounds, fitness levels and abilities.   

Krav Maga Levels

International Tried and Tested Syllabus

You will learn Krav Maga techniques ​from a syllabus, taught in over 60-countries.  Our Krav Maga instructors are internationally trained so that ​all the Krav Maga techniques you learn in our classes are the exactly same as you will learn in any of our clubs around the world.  ​​

This comprehensive syllabus is well organized with over 15 levels you can progress through.  The first level takes 4-6 months and ​deals with the most common types of situations as well as laying the foundation to progress to higher levels.

Your Krav Maga Instructors

​International Team


​Learn from high trained and passionate instructors dedicated to helping you progress quickly.

All Krav Maga Global instructors are internationally train​ed both to ensure a high degree of competance in the Krav Maga techniques, but also ​in the best practices to ​run dynamic, fun and effective classes.  

Find out more about your Krav Maga ​Instructor team​.

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