Krav MAGA Self Defence 

Your new challenge to stay safe, get fit and increase confidence!

Krav Maga is a modern self defence system that is practical and effective for adults and children.  

Unlike combat sports such as boxing, or  traditional martial arts, Krav Maga is designed for modern day situations to prevent, deescalate or defend yourself and others, within the law.

No other system is as fast or fun to learn.  You will get fitter and increase confidence in our challenging and dynamic classes. 

We run classes for Adults & Children at locations across Auckland based on our international syllabus taught in over 60-countries.

Why you should try Krav Maga...

Know how to protect yourself or others in any situation

Get fitter doing something exciting and different

Increase your self confidence

About Krav Maga Training

Internationally Popular

Krav Maga is modern, fun and effective.   While relatively new in New Zealand, ​it is extremely popular worldwide with all types of people, including Hollywood celebrities. 

Dynamic and Fun

​​Classes are dynamic and fun and it a great way to get fit.  This includes cardio, strength and mobility benefits.

If you like classes such as boxing, kick boxing fitness then you should try Krav Maga because while you're getting fit you are also learning valuable skills to protect yourself.  However, you will also have the peace-of-mind that what you are learning will actually work in a practical situation.

Feel Great

You'll feel great and also increase self confidence in general for benefits in your general life.

Krav Maga uses boxing and kick drills to develop good counter attacking skills and general fitness
Krav Maga is the most practical self defence system for women to stay safe and independent

Learn From the Source

Krav Maga Global sets the standard in Krav Maga training.  You will learn authentic Krav Maga from instructors taught by Eyal Yanilov, successor to Imi Lechtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga.

International Syllabus & Ranks 

We have clubs in over 60 countries and teach an international syllabus that has been tested and refined over decades to ensure it is fast to learn and works in practice for all people.

The syllabus is well structured and like traditional martial arts we have ranks to measure your progression.  This is done with regular gradings to test you practical assimilation of the techniques.   

Classes across Auckland

Regular weekly Krav Maga classes available for adults, teenagers and kids.  Additional events and short course.  Check out our locations for options near you.

Krav Maga Class Locations

Classes and events across Auckland.  Click on the button to see the address and timetable for the location nearest you.

Benefits of Krav Maga Training


Proven worldwide to be the fastest and most effective way for anybody to gain practical self defence skills.  

The techniques and tactics have been refined over many decades in order to ensure they work in real situations for ordinary people.

Whether it is to protect yourself against attacks or to prevent bullying, our comprehensive international syllabus ​covers any sort of scenario you can imagine.


Our classes area fun way to get fit while learning valuable skills.  

We will motivate and push you while you partner with like-minded people on challenging drills.

Classes will give you an all over body workout so you'll feel great.  

This can have a positive impact on your energy levels for benefits in other aspects of your life.

More Confident

Our classes help both adults and children to increase self confidence. 

Sadly bullying is a big problem in NZ schools and the effects can be very traumatic for a kids self confidence and general well-being.  

Progressing will give you a strong sense of achievement and make you feel good about yourself. 

The ability to protect yourself should you need it is liberating to your self confidence and independence.   

Krav Maga Classes by Type

​​Adult Classes

​​Join regular weekly classes based on our international Adults' syllabus.

These are mixed classes and are suitable for Adults or Teenagers.  

Beginners are welcome and will find the classes friendly and encouraging.  

​Women's Only Courses

We occasionally run short courses  specifically emphasising the techniques in the system that are most relevant to keeping women safe.

However, please note that there is a high proportion of women in our regular classes.  So don't be shy to start now by booking a regular trial class. 

Kids Classes

Kids can join our dedicated kids classes which run during term times.  

Fun and fast classes based on an international Kids' syllabus.  This is designed to protect kids from bullying at school as well as potential situation in general society.

What Members Say...

"We love Krav Maga.  You can be a survivor or a victim if you get attacked.  I know what I choose for myself and my daughter.  

Krav Maga is a true self defence system to stay safe!​"

​Sam (dad) & ​Jade​ (daughter)

"Awesome practical self-defense and fitness classes at KMG. Since starting with two seminars, we've been really impressed with all the instructors professionalism, techniques and easy to learn​.


We've tried a few places and found KMG by far the best place to learn Krav Maga, get fit and have fun."

​Kat & Marc

"I am addicted to Krav Maga.  Awesome instructors who know how to make you laugh... cry for your mommy... and defend yourself.

Great bunch of people who push me to be my best."