What is Reality Self Defence?

​​Krav Maga specialises in "reality self defence". ​Find out more in this article why you should learn reality self defence and what our training covers.

Why Learn Self Defence?

Self defence has a practical purpose...

  • Stop you getting hurt, injured or even to die from a violent attack.
  • Avoid or deescalate trouble before it becomes physical;
  • Protect others;
  • Act within the law.
  • Avoid the mental trauma of aggression or violence.

This is the core of Krav Maga... not a competition, no traditional elements, no rules (except for the law).  

​When will You need ​Self Defence in Auckland?

​While Auckland is a relatively safe place compared to some parts of the world, we still have our fair share of trouble and Kiwis are great travelers so chances are you will visit dangerous places from time-to-time.

Moreover self defence not only addresses physical situations but also bullying and verbal assault.  Therefore it is entirely relevant to learn elf defence if you live in Auckland.  Here are the types of self defence problems:

  • ​Verbal assault
  • ​Robbery
  • Physical assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Abduction
  • Murder

​Realist​ic Self Defence Training

In Krav Maga self defence training we are learning self defence techniques to protect ourselves in the above situations.  Within these situations there are many ​scenarios with different variables so Krav Maga training not only includes learning techniques but practicing these these techniques by role playing different scenarios.  For example ​variables we can change in scenarios ​include:
​  - Size of attacker;
​  - Number of attackers;
​  - Location / situation;
​  - Use of weapons;
​  - Type of threat
  - Reason / purpose of the attack
  - Build up to the attack.
​We can't (and don't want to) practice in live situations but we need to try and replicate ​as many real situations ​closely and safely ​practice ​effective responses.  

The Krav Maga Global techniques have been designed to be quick, practical and effective to perform and paired with tactics they give effective responses to a comprehensive set of problems..  The techniques and syllabus have been refined and updated over many decades to reflect practical responses to real attacks.  

To practice effective responses ​and build our skills and responses, ​Krav Maga Global training is based on:
  - Dynamic drills, games and scenarios with partners and groups;
 - Inclusion of attacks / defences using both conventional weapons and and common objects;
  - Use of specialised safety equipment allowing attacks at speed and force while maintaining safety;

  - Situational training in real locations to simulate actual environments (layout, lighting, confinement, 3rd parties, common objects, etc) where attacks my happen.

​Self Defence in Auckland

​​We can never be 100% prepared for a situation as there are so many variables, nor can we practice at 100% intensity.  ​

However, this type of training as least gives us a "fighting chance" of defending ourselves effectively.  Moreover, while this is a pretty serious goal, the dynamic group based nature of our training makes it a great challenge and a lot of fun! 


​Aaron Moore is the ​New Zealand Director for Krav Maga Global and Head Instructor for Krav Maga Global - Auckland.  ​

He was awarded his Instructor Diploma ​by Master Eyal Yanilov and has 10-years experience teaching Krav Maga in UK & NZ    

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