Try Krav Maga

Try Krav Maga ​at any of our ​3 locations.  We have Krav Maga classes for Adults, Teens and Kids.  

We also run short courses events and seminars.  

More venues will be added so if we don't have classes near to you currently, be sure to register your interest and we will keep you up-to-date as we expand near you.

Krav Maga Locations

  • Auckland Central
  • North Shore
  • Eastern Suburbs

Krav Maga ​Auckland Central

YMCA Auckland City Fitness

149 Greys Avenue,

Auckland 1010

Located on Grey's Avenue just off the motorway and near to Aotea Square, YMCA Auckland City Fitness is easy to access for people coming from the city and central suburbs with on-site parking and public transport options  

We offer multiple class options each week in a fully air-conditioned studio with the benefit of the YMCA City Fitness facilities for changing and showering.



​P​ublic Transport

​10min walk from ​Upper Queen St.

20min walk from Britomart

Krav Maga Auckland City Timetable

Regular Classes for Adults and Teenagers

  • Mon 7:15 - 8:30pm (All levels)

  • Wed 7:15 - 8:30pm (All levels)

Join a Krav Maga Beginners Course

2hr Beginners Course ($27)

Learn the basics of Krav Maga in relaxed and friendly class designed for Adults and Teenagers who are beginners.  

This course teaches you essential Krav Maga skills to stay safe.

This class runs at our gym in Birkenhead once a month. After this course you will be perfectly prepared to join the regular classes at any location.    Click on the button to choose your course and book...

What Our Krav Maga Course Covers


​Striking Techniques

Learn ​basic counter striking techniques you can use straight away:

  • ​​Basic hand and kick strikes ​​
  • ​​​​Vulnerable targets to beat bigger ​opponent
  • ​​Safe use of training equipment​

​​​Defensive Techniques

​​​Introduction to ​dealing with common self defence problems

  • ​​​Defending grabs​ ​​
  • ​​​​​Defending holds
  • ​​​Defending ​knife threats and strikes​

Krav Maga Tactics

​Krav Maga tactics, how to:  ​

  • ​Avoid/descalate trouble without fighting
  • ​Defend against multiple opponents
  • ​Use common objects to protect yourself

​​Krav Maga Q&A

​​Everything you were afraid to ask:

  • ​​History of Krav Maga
  • ​​What you'll learn in regular classes
  • ​​How you can progress fast

Upcoming Intro Courses

Sat, 9-Mar-19


Sat, ​13-​Apr-19


Sat, ​4-Ma​y-19