Could you protect yourself if you needed to?

Find out why Krav Maga is the ultimate self defence system for anybody to deal with real life threats and attacks...

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  • Why you need to learn self defence now
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  • Why Krav Maga works for all people
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​Krav Maga Auckland Self Defence Classes

If you’re looking for the ultimate self defence system to protect yourself and your loved ones, if you want to get fit, and you want increased self confidence then Krav Maga is for you.

​Krav Maga Global have ​Auckland Self Defence classes for adults, teenagers and kids in an area near you.

​When Will You Need to Protect Yourself?

We never know when we will need to protect ourselves or our loved ones but you need to be ready.  Violent crime in NZ may be low compared to other countries but there is still a high level of physical and sexual assault, robbery and ​a disturbing rise in use of weapons.

​Every day in New Zealand ordinary people are attacked:

  • ​At their job;
  • In ​public places;
  • At home... 

 The risk of not being able to defend your self is that if you ever get attacked it can be life changing.  It’s not just the physical impact but the psychological damage also.  Imagine also the pain of not being able to protect your friends or loved ones if they were depending on you?

​​​​​​​What is "Real Self Defence"?

​We all know it is a good ​idea to be able to protect ourselves but the solution is not so obvious.  There are many martial arts and combat sports that claim to be "good for self defence".  ​However, upon closer examination self defence is not their primary objective and their training does not represent ​real situations.  

​This is not to say they do not contain techniques that can be used for self defence but if you only practice these techniques in a 1vs1 rules based fight between evenly matched competitors, how does this represent reality?  ​ ​Real self defence situations have the following characteristics:  

  • Surprise attacks (from any direction);
  • Multiple attackers;
  • Armed attackers (real and improvised weapons);
  • Bigger / stronger attacker vs smaller / weaker person (e.g., male to female);
  • Protecting others;
  • No sporting rules (just the laws of the land)!

​Krav Maga can quickly give you the skills to increase your chances of dealing successfully with these sorts or situations.

Krav Maga ​is a ​True ​Self Defence ​System

Developed for real situations based on real experience, it is the only system you can learn quickly and apply straight away

The Krav Maga Self Defence system was ​developed based on adapting traditional combat to real street fights.

Krav Maga was developed by Imi Lechtenfeld, based on his experience of 100s of street fights and later decades of experience as the head combat instructor of the renown Israeli Defence Forces.   

Imi originally had been a champion boxer and wrestler and quickly found he had to modify his skills for the reality of street fights.  Over many decades he expanded and formalised Krav Maga as a comprehensive "system" that could be applied effectively by anybody.  

This system  is the only system that:

  • Has techniques and tactics specifically designed for real self defence situations;
  • Trains in a way that simulates reality;
  • Provides practical and effective techniques that work for any person;
  • Incorporates real scenario training including compliance with the law;
  • Is relatively quick to learn.

Knowledge is power and people will respect you for having it”

Imi Lichtenfeld, 

Founder of Krav Maga

​You'll also get these great benefits from Krav Maga Self Defence Training

G​et ​Fitter

Krav Maga is also fun way to increase your fitness.   ​

We will motivate and push you ​resulting in an all over body workout ​.  

​Increase Self Confidence

Increasing self confidence is a common reason for many of our members to learn Krav ​Maga.  

This will benefit you in both your personal and professional life ​

​Have Fun

​Our classes are fast, dynamic and challenging.  ​

​You'll enjoy working ​ with like-minded people on challenging drills, interesting scenarios ​. ​

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Auckland Krav Maga Locations

Regular Self Defence Classes in Auckland

If you want to learn self defence in Auckland we currently have academies in 3 Auckland locations ​with regular classes.  We also have more locations coming soon.  Click to find out about the location and timetable near you.  

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