Krav Maga Videos

All the videos on this page are from Krav Maga Global affiliated clubs. Train with us and you will learn the same syllabus and teaching method.

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Krav Maga Global Instructors showing our techniques in action...

This quick video shows a woman using one of our beginner techniques in a quite realistic scenario.  She releases the choke by striking a vulnerable spot on the attacker, then follows with counter attacks, before escaping.

This video from KMG in Germany shows different type of Krav Maga training from our syllabus: Instructor, Adults (men & women), Women specific & Kids.

I hope you don't ever find yourself in this situation but it does nicely show defences against multiple and armed attackers.  These are are both core components of our syllabus which you will start to learn from from your first lesson.

Another cool one from Edwin in Singapore showing techniques and students training...

Videos from Krav Maga Global Australia & New Zealand

This video from KMG Australia and New Zealand Instructors shows some of the regular update training we do together.

In this video you'll hear instructors talk about why they started Krav Maga and why they were inspired to become instructors.

  • History of Krav maga
  • Eyal Yanilov Head Instructor
  • Training camps in israel

Imi Lechtenfeld - Founder of Krav Maga

Very interesting video which includes disturbing footage of 1930's violence against Jews in the 1930s, which was the catalyst for Imi Lechtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga, developing Krav Maga as a practical self defence system.

Includes video of a young Eyal talking to a very old Imi Lechtenfeld not long before his death in 1998.  Also some footage of Imi still actively involved in developing and spreading Krav Maga.