Krav Maga Techniques – Elbow Strikes

Elbow Strikes for Self Defence

Elbow strikes are very powerful close range counter-attacks. They are very versatile for self defence.  Krav Maga Global defensive techniques incorporate elbow strikes in many different defences including:

  • General use in striking combinations
  • Close range defences against holds suck as bearhugs
  •  Close range strikes where you controling a weapon in the other hand such as pistol defences

Self Defence Elbow Strikes to Different Directions

Elbow strikes are very versatile in a self-defence context as not only can they be delivered to the front, but also to the side and back, which is especially useful where someone has grabbed you.  Here are some of the variations (in combination):

  • Horizontal elbow strikes / Vertical elbow strikes
  • Elbow strike to front / side / backwards
  • Elbow strike upwards / downwards / crosswards
Note that elbow strikes work very nicely in combination with each other, e.g., if you throw a vertical froward elbow followed by a horizontal forward elbow with the other arm, then at least one of these will get through the attackers guard. 

Practicing Elbow Strikes

The safest way to practice elbow strikes is with pads.  At Krav Maga Global we favour Thai Pads (pictured) as these have a lot of cushioning and the pad holder can change the orientation to suit the strike.

Pad holding is also a skill as you are effectively training your partner.  Professional trainers (MMA, Boxing, etc) get paid a lot of money to hold pads for top fighters when preparing them for professional fights.

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