Krav Maga Techniques – Defending Knife Attacks

Why Learn Knife Defences?

Knives are the most commonly carried and used weapon so any reputable self defence system needs to have a comprehensive and practical set of techniques for dealing with knives.

Knife problems fall into 2 categories:

  • Threats
  • Attacks
The motivation of the attacker(s) is different for each (although a threat can escalate into an attack).


General Approach to Self Defence Against Knife

At a high level the Krav Maga Global approach to dealing with knife threats and attacks is:

  • Do not let the attacker get close… (i) avoid the situation all together if possible, or (ii) if we are aware early enough we use kicks to keep the attacker(s) away and to make damage;
  • Where the attacker is close and we cawe must use blocks, deflections or controls with counter strikes… then create distance and kick.

Self Defence Techniques - Knife Threats

In a knife threat situation the attacker is “commanding” the victim to do something.    The attacker has an intention and is acting with some rationality. 

The nature of that command will dictate optimal reponse. For example if the situation is a mugging (attacker wants money/valuables) then an option is to comply and give what they want without fighting.

If the situation is a sexual asault and the attacker wants the victim (woman) to be quiet, go to another area, not fight, etc, then complying is not going to avoid a horrible outcome so defending yourself is imperative. 

In Krav Maga Global classes you will learn defences against a full range of threats:

  • Attacker at different disctances
  • Attacker front, side, back
  • Knife to throat, body

Out techniques cover:

  • Controlling the knife
  • Counter attacking;
  • Disarming

Self Defence Techniques - Knife Attacks

In a knife attack the attacker is trying to hurt or kill the victim.  In examination of real knife attacks we find that the victim has suffered many knife stabs because the attacker is in a “passion”. 

Therefore, there is no option in this situation except to defend yourself. The slightly good news is that even if you get stabbed, the first or second stab may not kill, you so if you are trained you have a fighting chance of defending yourself in a real situation even if you didn’t see it coming.

In Krav Maga Global classes you will learn defences against a full range of attacks:

  • Overhead knife stabs
  • Underhand knife stabs
  • Straight knife stabs
  • Knife Slashes

Our techniques cover;

Hand defences vs close attacks

  • Blocking, controling and counter attacking vs circular attacks
  • Deflecting, controling and counter attacking vs straight stabs

Kick defences vs approaching attacker

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