Krav Maga Techniques – Defence against Stick-like Weapons

Self Defence Techniques vs Sticks

Attacks with weapons are common and can include both conventional weapons or common objects uses as weapons.  This is includes attacks with “sticks”.

“Sticks” include any object that can be held in one or two hands and swung or thrust to make a damaging impact.  This includes both short and long objects such as: 

  • Tree branch
  • Baseball bat
  • Wheel brace
  • Broom
  • Pool cue
  • Iron bar
  • Cricket bat


Types of Stick Attacks

The attacker may hold the stick in one or two hands.  There are a number of different types of attack that can be made:

  • Overhead strike down (e.g., axe chop)
  • Underhand strike upwards (e.g., cricket shot)
  • Horizontal swing (e.g., baseball swing)
  • Forward thrust with stick end (e.g., bayonet thrust)
  • Forward thrust with stick blade (e.g., police baton thrust)

Krav Maga Weapon Defences

We classify sticks as a “family” because regardless of the object, the defence will be similar, e.g., any of the stick defences we learn can be applied to any type of stick used (subject to some small adjustments for length and weight).

Krav Maga Global syllabus includes defences against all of the above strikes as well as how to deal with a threat with a stick like weapon (aggressor is not yet using the weapon). 

Defences against baseball swing (pictured top) is one of the first you will learn and as you progress through the curriculum we will teach you more.

You will also learn how to use other objects to block a stick attack and what to do with the stick if you disarm the attacker.  

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