Krav Maga Mindset Training

​Krav Maga is not just about techniques but also creating a success "mindset".  A self defence situation is very stressful due to the high stakes involved . If we do not defend ourselves (or our friends/loved ones) we could suffer a life changing trauma, injury or even death. Therefore we need to be able to manage this stress and respond appropriately and effectively.  

​Our Krav Maga training includes drills and exercises that also mentally prepare us for confrontation.  These drills can take many forms:

  • ​Stress Drills:   ​Responding to unknown or unexpected attacks; Starting from a Position of Disadvantage;
  • ​Determination Drills:  ​Competitions and challenges; ​​Drills under fatigue;"
  • Aggression Drills:  Responding to aggressive verbal escalations;
  • Visualization Exercises: ​Internal simulations ​visualizing successful responses under stress.    

​Generally we will practice our drill with ​role playing and simulation(groups of 2-5 people) ​in order to "practice' realistic confron​tations.  We favour this over "sparing", wh​ich is ​designed for a 1-on-1 rules based fight, but does not usually resemble actual situations.

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