Krav Maga Master Class
Hostage, Kidnap & Abduction Defences

Sat 27th Jul 2019, 1-4pm, Birkenhead Self Defence Academy

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Ilya Dunsky, Expert 5 from Isael

What You Will Learn

Master your Krav Maga skills with this not to be missed Master Class.  Whether you are a beginner or have been training for a while you will learn a lot of new techniques and tactics we do not cover in the regular classes.

  • Defensive techniques to rescue yourself if you are taken hostage, kidnapped or abducted;
  • Defensive techniques to rescue others if they are taken hostage;
  • Types of armed threats and scenarios;
  • Understanding the motivation and mindset of the attacker(s);
  • Post fight tactics.

This seminar will be led by Ilya Dunski Expert Level 5 from Israel.

Ilya is in New Zealand for part 2 of the General Instructor Course and we are lucky to have him for 1 day only to lead this very important seminar.

Just like our bus seminar in Apr, this will be something special and not to be missed!

What is a Hostage Situation?

In a hostage situation the attacker(s) wants something.  The hostage(s) is taken by force and there is a threat of violence against the hostage if the taker does not get their demands met.  The taker will normally have a weapon such as knife or gun.

The taker’s demands are for someone else to meet so there is a dialogue between the taker and other party(ies). 

In a hostage scenario you could be either a hostage or in a position to rescue a hostage and both of these scenarios will be covered in this scenario covering defensive techniques for pistol and knife threats.

A recent example in Auckland was a pregnant woman held hostage by knifepoint in a Burger King in Manakau (see this article with actual video).  Here you can see it is a very dynamic situation with the attacker and the weapon constantly moving.

Example of Defending Yourself as a Hostage

Kidnap & Abduction Situations

Here we will be concentrating on defensive techniques for when we are the taken person. 

A key difference in kidnapping and abduction scenarios is that in this case the taking happens covertly and potential rescuers are not aware of the taking or where the taken person is so you definitely need to save yourself.

The Krav Maga defensive techniques may be similar to a hostage situation however survival tactics can be different incorporating verbal tactics in response to the motivation of the attacker.   

The motivation could be ransom (lets hope this doesn’t happen to you overseas), but more commonly in New Zealand the motivation is sexual assault so is particularly relevant to women. 

A recent example from New Zealand “Four arrested after kidnap of Wellington Woman” (article).


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