Krav Maga Fighting Techniques – Defences vs Kicks

Krav Maga Global syllabus includes defences against all sorts of strikes which includes defences against kicks.

Defences Against Kicks

Kicks are very dangerous attacks:

  • There is a lot of force, especially if they are aimed at vulnerable targets such as the groin or head;
  • They can come from different angles;
  • They can also be very surprising because of the range;
  • If it is the first attack then you may be more focused on the attacker’s head, e.g., they may be talking to you.
  • You might be on the ground and the attacker(s) standing.

Krav Maga kick defences have some similarities to martial arts.  However, Krav Maga is for self defence, not sport.  Therefore we can’t depend on sporting rules. If a kick causes you to fall to the ground it is likely to followed by more kicks and there may be more than one attacker aiming at your head.  

You will learn defences against kicks including:

  • Front kicks
  • Side Kicks
  • Roundhouse kicks
  • Stomp kicks

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