Krav Maga Defences vs Firearms

Is it relevant to learn defences versus guns / firearms in New Zealand?

​According to "In overall terms firearms play only a small part in inter-personal violence in New Zealand, being used in about 1.7 percent of all violent crime.  However, it is the most serious offences in which firearms are most likely to be used, and the consequences of firearm offending may be particularly grave."  Moreover, as we kiwi's are great international travelers it is highly likely you will visit countries where violence firearms is much more prevalent (and tourists potentially an even more obvious target).  

So having the potential to defend yourself against a firearm threat is certainly a relevant part of an effective self defence system and as you would expect Krav Maga provides solutions at the intermediate to advanced levels. 

Our syllabus includes:

  • Defences vs short gun threats (hand gun/ pistol, sawn-off shotgun, sub machine gun);
  • Defences vs long gun threats (rifle, shot-gun, machine gun).

Scenarios include:

  • Threats from different angles / directions;
  • Hostage situations.

Defences against weapon threats require the attacker to be close enough to us / us to close on the attacker (not from in front of them!) so we can secure the weapon.  Where we have the possibility (and it is optimal) to make a defence, the common principles include:

  • ​Moving your head or body out of the line of fine;
  • Controlling the weapon so it is facing away from you;
  • Counter-attack to the attacker (ideally making them unable or unwilling to threaten/harm you in anyway any further);
  • Disarm the weapon from the attacker (if the counter-attack has not done so already);
  • Check and deal with additional threats and/or escape to safety.

As with all our techniques, we practice many variations of angles and scenarios in order to prepare for any situation, however, the principles of the defences are always the same, and there is commonality in the movements, so that it is easier to learn, apply and remember.

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