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Krav Maga is a self defence system that is particulary effective for children of all ages.  Not only does it ​physical self defence skills, but also techniques and tactics to avoid trouble without violence.


Kids also love the training because it is fun and dynamic and they earn grades / belts like traditional martial arts.  

Krav Maga Global sets the standard in self defence training. 

Our kids syllabus is taught in over 60 countries. 

Krav Maga for Kids & Teens

Krav Maga is a self defence system that is particularly effective to protect  children of all ages against bullying and aggression, while building self confidence and teaching discipline and focus.  

Krav Maga for Younger Kids

​For young kids the main threats are related to bullying or aggression in school.  

Krav Maga aims to give them the confidence that will avoid them becoming victims in the first place.  However, they will also have techniques and tactics to protect themselves if they do need them.

Krav Maga for ​Teenagers

Teenagers may also require Krav Maga for school issues, including lack of self confidence as an outcome of bullying.  

​Moreover, they are also  approaching a very vulnerable time of their lives where they are becoming more independent and exposed to new adult situations outside of school.  

Benefits of Krav Maga Training for Kids


​Practical ​ Self Defence

Krav Maga provides children ​the most practical and effective skills to protect themselves against ​bullying or violence.

​Its not just about fighting.  We also teach then to avoid or descalate trouble without ​fighting.



​​Increase Confidence

​Learning and mastering new physical skills is important to improving self confidence.  This can help them in all aspects of their lives.

Moreover ​if your child has been subject ​to bullying, developing the sills to prevent this will make a fundamental improvement to their well-being.  

​Have Fun

​Classes are fast, varied and will fully engage kids.  They will have so much fun they won't even realise they are learning!

​Kids also enjoy earning ​b​elts and certificates as they complete levels of the syllabus.  

Why Krav ​Maga ​Global?


International Syllabus 

Our comprehensive Kids syllabus is taught in over 60-countries.  It is specially developed for kids by age group.

Classes are split into ages groups and teaching is appropriate to the age of the group.  


Best Instructors

All our instructors internationally trained in the Krav Maga Global kids syllabus.

We are all passionate about helping your child to develop and succeed.

Facilities & Convenience

Our new, dedicated Krav Maga gym in Birkenhead is set-up specially to teach kids classes.  

Moreover, we are directly opposite Highbury mall so you can "drop and shop".  Kids are happy while you can get stuff done.

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