Krav Maga Intro Courses ​Now ​Available for Beginners

Learn Essential Skills 

Our Krav Maga Intro Course will teach your essential self defence skills.  Its the perfect way to try Krav Maga and see if you enjoy it then you can ​graduate to our regular classes as a ​contunuing member.

The Ultimate Self Defence System

If you would like benefit from:

  • Feeling safer
  • Getting fitter
  • Increasing confidence

then Krav Maga is the ultimate way to quickly master essential self defence skills.  

Classes are fun and fast and challenge you physically and mentally.  Try Krav Maga and you will quickly understand why Krav Maga is much more practical than boxing or traditional martial arts for self defence.  

Krav Maga is designed for ordinary people and refined over many decades to ensure it works in practice for the actual types of situations you may need to defend yourself. The self defence techniques do not rely on strength or size.  It is a "system" so different techniques have related movements.  Its based on natural body movements that are quick to learn and remember.     

​Are You Ready for the Challenge?

​While Krav Maga is a quick way to learn self defence actual self defence scenarios have many variables and therefore our training is very dynamic and stimulating.  Krav Maga training will challenge you both physically and mentally.      


For example variables might include ... surprise attacks, multiple attackers, different surroundings, conventional or improvised weapons, different starting positions (sitting, standing, etc).  We may need to protect others, we may be able to use the environment or objects around us to protect ourselves.​  Different self defence scenarios are weaved into each class to create realistic practices scenarios.

We teach you the essential self defence techniques first.  However, ​once you have learnt the basics you have the opportunity to progress through the system.  We have a tried and tested comprehensive self defence syllabus taught in all Krav Maga Global clubs around the world (presently over 60 countries).    


What Our Krav Maga Course Covers

​You will learn ​Krav ​Maga self defence techniques and tactics from our international Krav Maga syllabus​.   We can't teach you everything in a day but you will be surprised how quickly ​you can learn effective self defence techniques you can use straight away should you need it.   You will also then be able to graduate to our regular classes at one of our Auckland Krav Maga Self Defence ​academies.   Here's what we will cover:


​Krav Maga Striking Techniques

Learn ​basic counter striking techniques you can use straight away:

  • ​​Basic hand and kick strikes ​​
  • ​​​​Vulnerable targets to beat bigger ​opponent
  • ​​Safe use of training equipment​

​​​Krav Maga Defensive Techniques

​​​Introduction to ​dealing with common self defence problems

  • ​​​Defending grabs​ ​​
  • ​​​​​Defending holds
  • ​​​Defending ​knife threats and strikes​

​Krav Maga Tactics

​Introduction to Krav Maga tactics, how to:  ​

  • ​Avoid or descalate trouble without fighting
  • ​Defend against multiple opponents
  • ​Use common objects to protect yourself

​​Krav Maga Q&A

​​Everything you were afraid to ask:

  • ​​History of Krav Maga
  • ​​What you'll learn in regular classes
  • ​​How you can progress fast

Available ​​Krav Maga Courses

​Book your spot now on one of our upcoming Intro Courses.  The course costs $47 for 2hrs (satisfaction guaranteed).

​Our Krav Maga Intro Course ​runs at our Birkenhead ​Academy which is only ​10mins from the CBD.  We are very proud of our ​​facility which is dedicated Krav Maga training centre and fully fitted with mats, bags and a full arsenal of training equipment.​

​After the Krav Maga ​Intro ​Course you can continue at any of our locations at Krav Maga ​North Shore, Krav Maga Auckland C​ity or ​Krav Maga Panmure.​

Sat, 9-Mar-19


Sat, ​13-​Apr-19


Sat, ​4-Ma​y-19



​We're so confident you will enjoy our Intro Course we will offer you a 100% money back guarantee if your not satisfied.  ​

Why are we so confident?  Because people not only tell us they enjoy the course, the majority ​join up afterwards a​s continuing members - they want more!

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