Sun 7th Oct 2018
"Training for Reality"

Experience up close a true Krav Maga "Master".  You will be inspired by the passion, knowledge and abilities that comes from 45 years of dedication to the pursuit of perfection.  If you are serious about understanding Krav Maga, this is the essential seminar.

​What You'll Learn

This is will be a practical seminar where Eyal will use techniques and tactics from the seminar to illustrate the teaching points.  This will be unique material for both experienced Krav Maga members and beginners and is appropriate to all levels.

You will receive unique insights that will both increase your understanding of the system and how to train yourself to achieve more both in Krav Maga​ and in life.  In particular Eyal will cover:

  • ​How to train your techniques and tactics for reality
  • ​Physical ​conditioning both for a fight and for life
  • check
    Mental conditioning for confrontation and personal performance

A Word From the NZ Director

​Eyal Yanilov has been my primary instructor since my Instructors Course back in 2009.  

I was living in UK at the time and I was fortunate that Eyal visited a number of times while I lived there for Instructor training courses and other events.  

I've also been to Israel 6 times for 8 days camps specifically to train with Eyal.  

​​Who is Eyal Yanilov?

​​Eyal is the pre-eminant ​Krav Maga master  in the world.  ​He was a confidant of  Imi Lechtenfeld, developing and spreading the Krav Maga system around the world.

​He ​founded Krav Maga Global in 2009 and is life mission has been to continue to spread Krav Maga - now in over 60-countries, including New Zealand.  T

  • ​Director and Head Instructor of Krav Maga Global
  • ​Learnt directly from Imi Lechtenfeld Krav Maga founder
  • ​45 years of experience learning, treaching and refining Krav Maga

Book Your Spot

​Sun 7th Oct 2018

10am - 1pm

​Krav Maga Global Gym,

Basement 1, 65 Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead, Auckland

Tickets $75

Places limited to capacity of the gym