Best Self Defence for Women

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What are the Options?

If you want to feel safer, learning self defence skills is a great idea.  However, there are are lots of martial arts that claim to be good for self defence so you might be confused what is best.  Moreover, you might be concerned about the joining one of these sorts of classes as they look a bit scary. 

Have you heard of Krav Maga?  It’s a dedicated self defence system that can be learnt quickly and is particularly suitable for women as it does not depend on strength or size.  Its very popular overseas including with female Hollywood celebrities (for self defence, fitness, and to prepare for movie roles).

Krav Maga for Women

  • Krav Maga originated in Israel and is the fighting system used in the defence forces and police.  As military training is compulsory for all citizens all women in Israel learn Krav Maga.

When you learn Krav Maga self defence in Auckland with Krav Maga Global you wont learn the military version but a specialised version for ordinary people.  The underlying principles are the same but the techniques and tactics are to protect you in real situations.  For example:

  • Defences against strikes
  • Defences against grabs and holds
  • Defences against weapon threats
  • How to use common objects to protect yourself
  • How to protect others (e.g., children)
  • How to avoid trouble or deescalate without fighting

Other Benefits of Krav Maga Training

Get Fitter

Krav Maga is an all over body workout.  We use a lot of pads drills like you would see in a boxing or kick-boxing class.  However, the difference is that for self defence we are concentrating on striking to vulnerable targets.  Also you wont have gloves in self defence situation so we learn how to stike without gloves.  This includes alternatives to punching as these are more suitable for most women.  

Increase Confidence

Krav Maga will not only make you safer, but increase your general self confidence.  Our training is challenging and overcoming the challenge grows you as a person and develops resilience that carries into the other aspects of your life.

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