Attack the Attacker

Defensive Self Defence System

In Krav Maga our ultimate objective is to avoid trouble and physical confrontation.  We are learning a defensive system, where if we must defend ourselves, our aim is to finish the situation as quickly as possible within the bounds of the law. 

By definition, if we are defending ourselves then the other party or parties have taken the decision to attacked us and expect to win.  The odds are stacked in their favour... they are bigger and stronger (e.g, man vs women) , they have surprised us, there are multiple attackers, they have weapons, etc. 

To successfully defend ourselves we must practice these situations and incorporate all the unique techniques and tactics that help us to overcome the odds.  We can't train like sports fighting or traditional martial arts with 1 vs 1, and rules.

Mental Preparation

Our Krav Maga syllabus is comprehensive in terms of the techniques and tactics to defend yourself against various types of attacks.  However, we must also prepare ourselves mentally.

Self defence situations are fast and confusing.  Untrained people will normally freeze in response to the surprise and stress as their brain tries to process what is happening which is clearly not helpful.

We must overcome this and respond quickly and effectively.  In Krav Maga we prepare ourselves through including scenario based training where we start from a position of disadvantage, and/or surprise like a real situation.  Our brain then has a database to call on to recognise a situation quickly and act appropriately.

​For example we can incorporate drills in our training where we start with our eyes closed.  In these drills we must react as soon as we feel the strike, grab, push, etc.  Having our eyes closed means adds an element of stress and realism.

"Attack the Attacker"

While we are defending ourselves we must end the situation by making the attacker(s) unwilling or unable to attack us further.  We are trying to break the attacker's mindset that they can beat us and disrupt their attacks.

This requires an aggressive response that meets or even exceeds that of the attacker - essentially we "attack the attacker".  This is both a mindset and a tactical approach.  For example as the attacker is in the process of attacking us we will may burst in with a simultaneous defence and attack.  

The Krav Maga Global Difference

Krav Maga Global teaches authentic Krav Maga (passed down directly from the founder Imi Lechtenfeld to our head international instructor Eyal Yanilov) which is designed specifically for self defence of ordinary people.

All our instructors are internationally trained and you will learn top quality Krav Maga in a safe and friendly environment.

Aaron Moore

Head Instructor

Krav Maga Global - Auckland

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