Protect​ Yourself & others with Krav Maga

Krav Maga is not only the ultimate self defence system to protect yourself but ​also to protect others whether they are loved ones, friends or a VIP.

Real self defence situations are rarely just 1-v-1 so we may need to protect others (while keeping yourself safe).  

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We call this type of training "3rd-party Protection".  Because its so important this is one of the 3 "pillars" of Krav Maga Global's comprehensive syllabus.

Rather than learning a whole new set of Krav Maga techniques we are able to adapt the techniques to protect ourselves to also protect others along with some .  Key aspects of 3rd party protection include:

Put yourself between the attacker(s) and the 3rd party

Use Krav Maga fighting techniques to neutralise the attacker(s)

Lead the 3rd party to safety continuing to shield them    

See it in Action

A fun video from one of our Krav Maga Global Instructors

Article by:
Aaron Moore

Aaron is an Expert Level Krav Maga instructor trained in UK & Israel 2015.  He teaches Adult and Teenagers as Head Instructor of Krav Maga Global - Auckland.

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