​​​Krav Maga Membership​

This page is for signing up for a membership to attend regular weekly classes.  If you are interested in a trial class or an intro course please click here.  

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  • Choose your membership option (Adult, Student or Join membership);
  • Click on the "sign-up" button fo​r your preferred option, to launch the payment form;
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​Payment and Data ​Protection


Membership Options - Adults


  • ​​1- class per week
  • ​Any location
  • ​A​ll levels classes only



  • ​Unlimited classes
  • ​Any location
  • ​Any Class Type
  • Online Training Access


(Most Popular)


  • ​Unlimited classes
  • ​Any location
  • ​Any Class Type
  • Online ​Training Access
  • Gradings prepaid
  • ​Discounted Training Gear


Membership Options - ​Students / Teenagers​

​Students & Teens

​Unlimited Classes Per week

​Any Location

Adult and Teenagers All Levels Classes


​Joint Membership
​Adult + Student / Teen

​​1-Adult + 1 Teenager ​

Any Location

Unlimited training for both ​