​Krav Maga for Women

​Krav Maga quickly provides women with essential skills to stay safe and increase confidence. Its also a fun way to get fit.

​​​Safe * Independent * Fit

​​Krav Maga is your new challenge t​o give you the skills to look after yourself, increase ​your confidence, ​and get you fitter​.

Krav Maga is a modern se​lf defence ​system ​that is particulary suitable for women ​as it does not rely on strength or size, it works in practice and its quick to learn.  

Classes are fast and fun and ​you'll get much ​fitter.

Why Learn ​Self Defence?

Hopefully you will never need to use Krav Maga but sadly we still live in a society where 1 in 4 women are subject to unwanted advances and sexual assault. The physical and emotional impact can be devastating.  

If you are an independent woman who wants to do what you want to do without fear or restriction, then Krav Maga will provide you with techniques and tactics to stay safe.

Our training will quickly give you the skills to avoid these situations and the confidence to defend yourself with highly effective techniques if you do.  

About Us

​We are part of Krav Maga Global which is an international organisation with clubs in over 60-countries.  We have clubs in Auckland Central, Birkenhead and Panmure with regular classes and will add more locations in the future.  

All our instructors are internationally trained and passionate about helping you get you quick results and ​enjoy your training.

​​​How to Start

Register Your Interest ​

A high percentage of women who come to our intro courses then join our regular classes and enjoy progressing through the levels of the curriculum and increasing their fitness and confidence.