Your Krav Maga Instructor Team

All Krav Maga Global instructors worldwide receive the highest levels of training to ensure you will receive the highest quality, professional training in a safe and friendly environment.  Our club is no exception...  we are internationally trained are continually developing our knowledge and experience.

Aaron Moore

  • Rank: Expert Level 1
  • Combat Fighting Instructor
  • Adult & Kids instructor  

Aaron is the highest ranked instructor in New Zealand and ranked highly internationally.  He was awarded Instructor Certification by Eyal Yanilov in the UK in 2010 and was previously head instructor of a successful club in UK until returning to NZ in 2015.

He has trained extensively in Israel (home of Krav Maga) and around the world to learn from the best.

Aaron is particularly passionate about coaching ordinary people to get exceptional results through dynamic, exciting classes.  

Pavlina Fixova

  • Rank: Graduate Level 2 
  • Adult instructor
  • Kids instructor

Pavlina was taught from a beginner by one of the top instructors in Europe.  She has been a certified instructor for 5-years and was previously head instructor of a club in Czech Republic.

She is a great role model for women who want to feel safer, keep in shape and empower themselves.

Pavlina enjoys teaching group classes and also private training for individuals or small groups.  

Bertrand Van Der Plas

  • Rank: Graduate Level 1
  • Adult ‚Äč Instructor 

Bertrand began his Krav Maga training in Belgium with Krav Maga Global before continuing in New Zealand and completing his instructor certification in 2017.

Ludwig Jeppe

  • Rank: Graduate Level 1
  • Adult & Kids Instructor 

Ludwig  completing his instructor certification in 2017.  He is an Adult Instructor and is currently working towards the KMG Kids instructor qualification as he is passionate about teaching kids.