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Krav Maga is 20 century invention, unlike the traditional martial arts. It was developed by Imi Letchtenfeld who as a young man in Hungary was a champion international boxer, wrestler, and gymnast.  

Imi was also a Jew and was subject to the rising anti-Semitic violence in the 1930s.  In the late 30's he was constantly involved in street fights to defend himself and other members of his community.

This gave him much experience such as defending against multiple ​and ​armed attackers.  Out of this ​came the ideas to adapt traditional fighting skills into a modern practical system​. 

​Modern Relevance

After fighting for the allied forces in WWII Imi was resided in the nex state of Israel.  He became the head combat instructor for the Israeli Defence forces reponsible for training special forces units and the general populace.

​Upon leaving the army in the 1970s he set about formally developing Krav Maga as a civilian self defence system and Krav Maga as we know it was born.

A ​key principle w​ere that it had to be quick to learn, work for all people and relevant to the real situations we might find ourself in.  For this reason it was immediately popular and has continued to evolve and spread around the world.    

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